Social Partner Engagement and Effectiveness in European Dialogue - SPEEED (2016 - 2018)

This is a two year project which has been funded by the European Commission. The project examines European Sectoral Social Dialogue (ESSD) and the functioning of European Sectoral Social Dialogue Committees (SSDCs). The objectives are to

  1. map and analyse the settings of ESSD,
  2. to develop an 'effective engagement indicator',
  3. to identify barriers to effective engagement in SSDCs, and
  4. to analyse social partners engagement procedures.

The international project partnership consists of researcher from five different institutions. The project is being coordinated by Barbara Bechter, Durham University Business School (UK). The project partners are Manuela Galetto, University of Warwick (UK); Bengt Larsson, University of Gothenburg (SE); Thomas Prosser, Cardiff University (UK); and Sabrina Weber, Pforzheim University (DE).